Tights, perfect for my Winter Fashion

I love winter and yes, you can be stylish even if it is winter. With proper layer of clothing, you still can be stylish yet warm.

One of my fashion essentials during the winter is tights. I can always wear tights with everything. Sometimes, when I need something thicker, I use leggings too. It is a great thing that tights and leggings are now made in different colors and patterns. This makes it easier for me to be more fashionable with whatever I pair my legging or thights with.

I got a chance to try No nonsense tights and leggings and I love its quality and its variety of colors. I was ecstatic when I received the tights above because I can wear it and be bold with my style. Did you know that you can buy No nonsense tights and leggings easily? You can easily find them at any food and drug stores an all mass retailers. They are everywhere and on top of that they are very affordable! Though it is price affordably, its quality is superb thus it is worth buying it.

The new brand ambassador of No nonsense tights and leggings is Jillian Martin. She is a tv personality and fashion expert. She will be partnering with No nonsense and will show women how to wear the latest trends that include colored tights and essential leggings. She will also be active in social media for all your questions about fashion and style.
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Legal Driver

It was early this year when we finally decided that I need to learn to drive a car. My daughter is about to go to Kindergarten thus learning to drive is a necessity.

I didn’t enroll in any driving school. It was just hubby who taught me the basics of driving. There are times when we both wanted to tear each other apart. There were many shouts and nasty words being exchanged but in the end hubby has always been patient enough and praised me with all the little progress that I make.

To be honest, I didn’t think hubby will have the patience to teach me how to drive but he successfully did it.

Today, I am now a licensed driver. The card above is still temporary while I am waiting for the original one to arrive in the mail.

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It’s Sophia’s 2nd Birthday

My niece celebrated another birthday with a “bang”. Her first birthday was a Jollibee Birthday Party. The 2nd one is less grand than the first but grander than most of my nieces’ birthday. It is a good thing that my brother works as a seafarer and my sister-in-law is a teacher so they can afford to give their only a child a good birthday party.

I know about the birthday party because I talked to my family back home and I was glad that my parents and other siblings and their families were there to celebrate.

I am also glad that they posted pictures in facebook because it let me see how the birthday went.

A big happy birthday to the birthday gil “Sophia”.

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New Books To Read

I have three more books to read. Last week was very productive – reading wise. I read 2 books and I really enjoyed it.

I purchased this used book at the library. Although, I can just borrow books from the library, I opted to buy instead because that way, I won’t be forced to read them all right away. These books were just $.50 a piece so not bad!

Hubby said that Clive Cussler is one of his favorites and he thinks that I will love them. Well, If I won’t like these I am sure hubby will be happy to read them.


Floral Arrangement


I wanted some sort of fall floral arrangement but they are just too expensive for me. So, Mom Lori and I decided that I should make it myself. I was sure that if I will do it myself, I will spend less.

Bought the vase at Walmart and I bought those flowers from Dollar Tree. I spent less than $20 for al this. I can also change the flowers when Christmas season comes.

I am very satisfied of this and I was surprise of myself for successfully making a fall flower arrangement.


A Guitar that is for Keeps

The guitar that you see in the picture is something I can consider to be for keeps. This kind of guitar is one of those Gretsch guitars. You can actually find some cheap gretsch guitars at musicians friend. They sell a lot of Gretsch family guitars and you can choose either a semi-hollow electric guitar or hollow body electric guitars.

When playing guitar is your passion, I am sure that you will want to step up into buying something luxurious. Gretsch guitar is something like a luxury and actually a good investment for those who loves guitar or collects guitar.

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I need a watch

Now that I am a full time student, I really need a new watch to monitor the time so I will know when my subjects begins or ends.

I was browsing the internet and I found some Citizen Eco-Drive watches that interests me. I found this very cute Ladies’ Citizen Eco-Drive Black Leather Axiom Watch and I am glad this is somewhat affordable. Now, I think I will just give a hint to my husband as this will be perfect for a Valentines Day gift.

Citizen watches are known for its quality and I think that this certain watch is perfect for a daily wear.


Miraculous Medals

When it comes to wearing miraculous medals, I always think about my Mom. My mom has many beliefs and I am glad that she has imparted to us her strong Catholic beliefs. I know I can never be as half as Mom is when it comes to beliefs but I am glad that she instilled in our minds the beliefs that we all live by.

Giving mom some miraculous medals will be something she will really like. I found joyjewelers for miraculous medals online and I think that I should buy one or two for Mom. I think this will be a perfect gift for her for Christmas.
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After the quake….

Three months after my hometown in the Philippines was hit by a powerful earthquake, my family back home is trying to rise up and rebuild what we lost. With the strong earthquake that affected our town, our ancestral house as well as the houses of my siblings were not spared. Major repairs are needed and if we have a welding equipment right now, I am sure it will be useful.

Because of the big damages that our homes suffered, we need major repairs specifically with our concrete walls. I am in hopes that little by little we can rebuild our homes and go on with life.

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Most Difficult Resolution

When new year’s come, many people make New Year’s Resolution. I do believe that the most difficult and most common resolution is to lose weight. Losing weight means undergoing a healthy diet and engaging into proper exercises. Many individuals fail to lose weight because they don’t have the determination. It requires a lot of hard work and self-discipline to loss weight.

Anyway, when there is a will there is a way. Though how hard it is to loss weight with the aid of the right theraband product for your exercise, you will be able to achieve your goal.

I do want to lose more weight this year. I hope to accomplish it.