#242/366 BPC – Ready for NCAA Football

Yay, football season is almost here. We are getting excited about our favorite sports. We will surely watch the opening weekend of the College Football. Our Saturdays will mostly be dedicated for watching games.

And to get ready for this season, fildena kaufen
I decided to buy a new LSU Tigers Hoodie. I bought one for me and one for hubby. I got a good deal out of this purchase because as usual they were on sale. This piece is priced at $40. But I was able to buy it for a lot less than the listed price.

Total Price – $80.00
Shipping – 9.98
Promo Discount – -30.00
Promo Coe – -20.00
TOTAL – 41.18

I just paid $41.18 for two hoodies including shipping. GREAT DEAL for ME!
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A Sweet Surprise

Being a stay at home mom, I don’t have a lot of excitement except when my daughter tells me or do something that I can’t believe a 4 year old does. There are just instances when out of the blue she will blurt something that is unbelievable. Some of her antics will just make my day.

My days are fairly ordinary. I do the same routine. I do household chores ( cleaning the house, cleaning ovens and refrigerator, cook and more, I take care of our daughter and spend few hours doing my online stuff. Some days, I go out with Mom, some days I go out with friends and during hubby’s day off, we do things together.

My stay at home life might be boring to some but it is fine with me. I love the life that I chose and I am happy with it. Every now and then, I get little surprises from loved ones. I get packages, cards and special mails. Today, I got a sweet surprise from Fairyhobmother. He visited this blog and told me that she left something that will surely make me smile. I was of course thankful and excited!

I am thankful for all the little things that a stay-at-home mom like me enjoys. I am thankful and fortunate that I am here at home taking care of my daughter instead of letting somebody else take care of her while I work. It may not be financially rewarding to be a stay at home mom, but the rewards I get from personally taking care of my daughter and making our house a home is beyond all the monetary compensation I will ever receive.

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Electronic Payment

Stamps are getting expensive. I can’t believe how it has increased over the years. Because stamps and mailing services are getting higher I decided to do some electronic payments on some of our bills. I like it that way because it is more convenient for me plus I save on stamps.

Payment processing thru electronic payment is safe, secure and environment friendly. If you are still not using Electronic Payment because you are not familiar about it, there is plenty of places where you can find payments education. They will provide comprehensive information about awareness of electronic payments.

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Memory Lane: New Year


New Year is something I want to celebrate with family.  For the last 6 years, New Year’s means welcoming it with cheers and kisses.    We always wanted to ring in the New Year as a family.

Last year, we welcome New Year with cheers and a toast… then we watched the fireworks.

This year, I wanted a toast but we can’t find the wine that we bought.  It was left in the trunk of our car as we discovered a day after.  So this year, we did the countdown and watched the fireworks outside.  This year, Andrea was really ecstatic as her friend Alex was with us to welcome the New Year.


Happy New Year everyone and I am wishing you all a blessed year 2012.


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Promoting my Other Blog

I know that you know what I know about you know…. blogs. Ha! ha! gotcha! Well, I just want to be sound complicated before leading you to my complicated blog life. It’s not actually complicated, it’s just me making it complicated.

Anyways, here is one of the blog that I want to show off and perhaps promote. It tackles about life in general and revolved around my family and family of family. If you have time hope you can visit Family & Life Online designed by Techie She. Will reciprocate your visit and follw, Just leave a message ovah there and I’ll follow you back. Thank you.


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Memory Lane: Christmas Tree

I always think of Christmas as special.   I grew up looking forward to Christmas. Christmas is fun and full of traditions.  When I was still in the Philippines, we always see to it that we decorate our Christmas tree after Dad’s birthday which is Nov. 3


My first Christmas here in the USA was year 2006.  That was the first time that I had a fresh Christmas tree.  I know I have a picture of it but I am just too lazy to dig it in.  Year 2007, we spent our holidays at the NICU.  I gave birth to a premature baby who spent her first Christmas and New Year at the hospital.  There was no Christmas tree that year. Since year 2008 I used the tree below.  I just change the color of the decoration every year.

This was our tree last year.  My little girl helped in decorating it.  And last year she loved the tree so much that her Nana and Papa gave her a tree for her room.


I Won!

I got an email from Gift Card Weekend informing me that I won a $50 JC Penny Gift Card! Sweet isn’t it?

I am not lucky when it comes to online contests that was why I couldn’t believe that I WON a giftcard. Anywhow, I receive the gift card today. So, it really means that I won!

Check the gift card weekend giveaways, who knows you will win too!

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Review: Simply 7 Chips

I seldom eat chips because of my diet. There are many foods that I eat in moderation because of my diabetes. But having diabetes doesn’t mean I have to give up every food that you can think of. It just means being disciplined of what you can eat in small amount and what you can eat more.

In my quest for a healthy eating, I found Simply 7 Snacks to be something I want to try because it is healthier. Simply 7 is all about making great tasting, wholesome snacks for every lifestyle. It is not just delicious but nutritious too. They follow 7 core standards:

o grams trans fat
no artificial colors or flavors
no preservatives
gluten free ingredients
all natural recipes
simple ingredients
simply delicious

I am just fortunate that Simply 7 sent me a box for free (see above pic) to try different flavors of their chips.

(Pomegranate Chips)
Pomegranate is rich in antioxidant. Simply 7 baked its flavors and nutrients into an all natural bite sized chip. My favorite flavor is the white cheddar. It taste different kinda have a sweet feel of it and very delicious.
(Lentil Chips)
One of the healthiest ingredients is lentil as it contains a large amount of protein and iron. Another simply delicious chips and my favorite is the Bruschetta. It is just like eating a bruschetta except that this chips are crispier.

(Hummus Chips)
Hummus – the chick pea contains a large amount of protein, fiber and many important minerals. I like the different taste of this chips. I enjoyed munching their Tomato Basil flavor.
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Fruit Centerpiece

We bought plenty of fruits for our enjoyment. We always have fruits because they are a healthy snack alternative. Since I have plenty of fruits, I decided to use my 3 tiered tray for the first time. I was surprised that it turned out to be a pretty fruit centerpiece.

My daughter just loves strawberry so you are most likely to see strawberries in our fridge at all times. As for me, I eat most fruits especially when they are crunchy. The red apples that you see were organic apples. It was on sale so, I bought a bag. We also bought a box of Clementines – they always last long. When in season, I love kumquats. I just popped them in my mouth and enjoy its sour, tangy and sweet taste. Yes, that small little kumquats, you don’t need to peel them!
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Beautiful Place

I always wanted a home out of the busy city. The outskirts of a busy town is what I imagined to be the perfect place to have a relaxing home. A home is your haven. It is where you want to be when you just wanted to be yourself and a place where your stress and worries will all be gone.

I found that real estate highlands nc has homes that are ideal to have if you dream to have a quiet place for you and your family. If you plan to buy one, you should check this place out.
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