Fancy Friday and Friend Finding Fridays #1

I received an email this morning inviting me to join the new bloghop meme Fancy Friday hosted by Melissa. I clicked on the link to get the button as I have decided to join this meme for this blog. I also want o meet other mommies all over the blogworld.

There are three rules:
1. If you are new, please follow me.
2. Copy and Paste my button in your blog post.
3. Follow anyone back who follows you.
You can link to your blog or facebook page.
While I was at Mel Dreams Often blog, I read that she won the super blogger of the week over at Supermom’s meme: Friend Finding Fridays. If you want to get more follower and meet new bloggers or fellow mommy bloggers, then click on the badges and hop in!

Check out Friend Finding Fridays with Supermom


1. Follow Supermom

2. Follow the Super-Blogger of the week

3. Link back to FFF through either a button or hyperlink to spread the word.

4. Add your main URL to the list below and either your name or the name of your blog or both if they fit :)

5. When finding new friends make sure to let them know gyógyszerek you found them here at Supermom’s Friend Finding Fridays

6. The most important rule: HAVE FUN

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Pink Friday – Pink My Lips | Ms. Shoe Lover

Gimme kiss ba-bay… Come on don’t be shy hehehe. A different shade of pink from Revlon and of course it’s freebie through Listia. If some of you haven’t heard about Listia yet, then hit the link head on over to their site. It’s free auction site where you bid on items using credits. You’ll get credits by checking Listia everyday and sharing it to Facebook and Twitter.

justine13months 014

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My curly tops shoe lover. She love shoes and there’s never a day with her not holding her shoes or putting them on even if it’s not her shoes. In the picture, she was wearing her Dada’s slippers.
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Weekend Busy-ness


I thought I can take a break this weekend but here i am thinking of staying late again and trying to finish few tasks.

I noticed this blog and it seems like i have neglected this baby. I even forgot to post memes. This is just a quick post and update. Thank ya’ll for the visits and comments. I will visit you back for sure. Happy weekend!

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My Amazing Toddlers

I have a secret to tell you. My toddlers are spider kids. I like naming cute nicknames to my kids depending on the activity they do. Since they both get into trouble by climbing everywhere i think they have blood like Spiderman. We do not have library but we have this tall bookshelf in our bedroom. We have couple of ladder or stool but not specifically library step stools. Anyway, our bookshelf has 6 or 7 shelves and I put some of DVDs on the fifth shelves thinking they can’t reach it. It was scary as I thought but I had no idea how they able to reach those DVDs without using any stools. After that incident I stopped putting DVDs or anything that might interest them to avoid accident. You see now, why I called them spiderkids.

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Happy Holidays

A wish for a joyful Christmas to you all.


Today is my 5th Christmas here in the USA.  The longing of celebrating it with my family and having a festive celebration still lingers in my heart.  I admit as years pass by, USA Christmas becomes bearable.  I always miss Philippine Christmas but I have resigned to the fact that, USA is my home now and this is where I will celebrate Christmas.

Anyway, we had a great Christmas.  My daughter slept earlier than usual because Santa will come.  So, Santa came and the little girl is so excited of the things inside the stockings and the gifts that Santa brought.

We spent our Christmas day with Mom and Dan.  Santa came there too with more stuff.  My little girl had so much fun opening her presents. After opening presents, I made our Christmas dinner.  It was a simple meal but we all enjoyed it.


I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas!

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New Year 2012

“Got a little behind when Christmas was here but caught up with this wish for a Happy New Year”

This was the card that we sent to friends and family members.  We mailed it after Christmas.  Time passed me by during the holidays that I wasn’t able to send our holiday cards earlier.

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Happy Birthday Mami Shy

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

I will always be grateful for being your friend. Thank you for the friendship. I always enjoy our chikka times, sharing our journey being a mom and wife.

E! Fashion Talk, Family & Life Online, Oh! GoSh Goodies, Simple Happy Life, Shy’s Mixed Thoughts, Teacher Momma, and Worth’s World.

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On being diabetic

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant 5 years ago. According to some experts, 1 out of 3 person who have gestational diabetes will develop type 2 diabetes later on their life. I am one of those. I have type 2 diabetes. I just found it out when I was hospitalized two weeks ago.

Being a diabetes, I need to control my blood sugar. One way of controlling it is to lose weight. I have read that irvingiappress shows clinically proven results to lower cholesterol and help regulate blood sugar. I can’t say that it really work because I haven’t tried it myself.

Personally, I am learning to count my carb intake and I am exercising. It helps me in lowering down my blog sugar. I am hopeful that with healthy eating I will be able to control my diabetes.

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#225/BPC – Mom’s Request

The last time I talked to my Mom in the phone, we were talking about sending a package for Christmas. I also informed her that the balikbayan box that I sent will arrive soon. It is still floating in the ocean somewhere (hahaha).

Anyway, she requested that should I send a box for Christmas, she wants some Glucerna. My mom is diabetic too and she said that she likes the glucerna. She can’t find the liquid glucerna there in our city, the available is the powdered one but she prefers the one in the can. Besides, she told me that glucerna there is very expensive.

So, when we went to the store, I bought her 2 packs and I am glad I used the coupon $3 off 2 packs.


Engagement Ring


I got engaged year 2006 and I have worn this ring since my fiance then (hubby now) gave it to me. I wore it until I gained so much weight that it didn’t fit my finger anymore. I got many advices to have it resized but I didn’t want to. I want the ring as it is.

Recently, I loss weight and I am so glad that I can now wear my engagement ring again! Yeah!



mine too, i had to put it in my jewelry box because it doesnt fit me anymore.  sadness dot com hehehhehe

yay! mine still fits me, however, it’s getting bigger though as the cold weather approaches. Good thing i have stopper to wear all the time…so glad you were able to wear it again sis!

Yay! Happy for you that it fits again. My engagement is a little big when hubby bought it but it’s very special

yeah! that is good to know mommy Lu. ma type na unta ko ug jhey ba.. hehehe may gani nakahinumdum ko imoha man diay ni mommy Lulu. =D by the way.. your engagement ring is very beautiful. and your hands. ang akoa kamot kay wrinkly na kaau. =D

Yay! Hooray for that mareng! I am happy for you that you already lost weight. Such thought that you liked to have it the way it was, is a smart way. You just knew you would lost weight one day and this is the moment.

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