Teaching my boyfriend the basics of wakeboarding

Guest post written by KellyAnn Reeves

I read a woman’s magazine article one time about how you’re supposed to have a man teach you how to do something to make him fall in love with you. Well, I thought that was kind of dumb and thought that this would the perfect opportunity to teach my man how to do something. So I’m working on teaching him how to wakeboard.

He’s pretty athletic too, but just hasn’t tried that many watersports. I was looking online to try and find some tips on teaching people how to wakeboard and while I was doing that I ran across this site Wirelessinternet.net. After I looked through it some I chose to sign up for an internet service through it.

I hope that he really likes wakeboarding and picks it up pretty easily, or else this could be a sore point in our relationship. But he’s a pretty patient guy and normally picks up on things pretty decently. If he likes it we can vidalista rezeptfrei kaufen even plan trips around it and maybe I’ll even buy him his own board for his birthday!

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