Our Car Mileage

I was glad that we able to go on vacation despite of the fact that we needed money to buy lots of things in the house. We just moved in to out own house and so many important things that needed to get done and accomplished. One thing that stopped at from buying furniture and appliances are the money. But with all this being said we still made it to Las Vegas. Thank you to my blogging money.


However, our car is a very old car. A 13 year old Mercury Sable car. Last year when my husband took it to repair shop for an inspection, he was advised not to run the car too much as it stayed in a certain mileage. Well, this is the reason right now that we cannot drive to lots of places that easy. This car has been around for 13 years but never in encountered any car problem at the middle of the road nor collision therefore, hubby doesn’t need auto body estimating software fr this car. But we are not closing our door because we are thinking of buying a car someday. This software would help us to provide accurate estimation of claims & collision. Car is the the most common mode of transportation used every where especially in America. So, it’s better to know information and knows what you should do.

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