Mommy & Me Monday – Finally Spring has Sprung

We have been waiting this spring to kicked in but winter doesn’t want to leave yet. Last Thursday I was at Squirrel hill doing some little shopping. We stopped by at the playground even if it was a bit windy. The kids still had fun enjoying the fine weather.

I thought of the MMM so I asked Joe to take a picture of me and Justine. Jake was busy running around and I couldn’t stop him for picture break. Anyway, the husband took the picture and I was all smile. But then when I hit preview I did not see my face. He was focusing on Ms. Lamb chop only.

spring has sprung 027

Okay take two! I told him to include my pretty face in the photo because I need this for Mommy and Me Monday. I was glad he include me to good job.

spring has sprung 035

When we left the playground last Thursday, the buckaroo said, “Good bye playground, see you tomorrow.” But the nest day it was chilly again and we did not able to go out, so was Saturday.

Sunday, the weather was really good. We went to the playground and can’t even wait to play because as soon as we got there Jake exclaimed excitedly. The place was full of kids but more like little kids dapoxetine 30 mg price. The big kids was in the bigger playground of the park.

How was your weekend fellow mommies? I hope you had a wonderful one. Share your moments at….

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