Bath and Beauty

What brand of soap do you use during bath time? If you live in a place that has four season, you probably confuse what soap you have to use that won’t dry your skin. I’ve been experimenting some soap, lotion and shampoo that is conducive to my skin and hair. I get dry skin during winter. During summer I get dust allergy but it’s all manageable. I tried different soap before but to no avail i couldn’t find the one that is right for my skin. So, i ordered online the soap that i comfortably used in the Philippines and this is what I am using right now. However, I am still looking for the right soap that i can use in both winter and summer. I’m want a sulfur soap that is enriched with minerals. My son used to have eczema, although i haven’t seen it this summer and last winter but that is now enough assurance that the eczema is totally gone. The ingredients found in sulfur soap can also relieves eczema and acne problem. Having a smooth skin is what most women love and would willing to try anything just to get the smooth and gentleness they want to have. What soap and beauty products do you use to maintain the smoothness of your skin?

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