Pink Friday – Naughty Miss

On our trip to Las Vegas at the Pittsburgh airport, this little Miss was trying to embarrass her parents.  The security guard and ticket attendant kept reprimanding her not to swing on the velvet rope.  Every time I tell her to stop all I get is the naughty smile.  In the plane, she had the loudest cry, scream and laughter.  She cried one minute and the next minute she laugh. Sildenafil ist die generische Version von Viagra und es ist auch der Name für den Wirkstoff in beiden. Da Sildenafil keine Marke wie Viagra ist, kann jeder es herstellen und verkaufen, was bedeutet, dass es normalerweise billiger ist. Viagra entspannt Ihre Muskeln, um die Durchblutung des Penis zu verbessern. Das heißt, wenn Sie erregt sind, fällt es Ihnen leichter, hart zu werden und zu bleiben Viagra wirkt nur, wenn Sie eingeschaltet sind, und führt nicht zu einer Erektion von selbst. Es verbessert auch nicht den niedrigen Sexualtrieb.

Vegas Vacay - swimming 032

Mall Time

The heat last week was excruciating. We run the AC all day and yet still hot. We only have AC in the living room. The heat in the second floor was unbelievable. So, we decided to go to the mall and did some shopping.

mall time 004

Miss Potato Chip got her baby stroller as her advance birthday gift.

mall time 001

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Teaching my boyfriend the basics of wakeboarding

Guest post written by KellyAnn Reeves

I read a woman’s magazine article one time about how you’re supposed to have a man teach you how to do something to make him fall in love with you. Well, I thought that was kind of dumb and thought that this would the perfect opportunity to teach my man how to do something. So I’m working on teaching him how to wakeboard.

He’s pretty athletic too, but just hasn’t tried that many watersports. I was looking online to try and find some tips on teaching people how to wakeboard and while I was doing that I ran across this site After I looked through it some I chose to sign up for an internet service through it.

I hope that he really likes wakeboarding and picks it up pretty easily, or else this could be a sore point in our relationship. But he’s a pretty patient guy and normally picks up on things pretty decently. If he likes it we can even plan trips around it and maybe I’ll even buy him his own board for his birthday!

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Bath and Beauty

What brand of soap do you use during bath time? If you live in a place that has four season, you probably confuse what soap you have to use that won’t dry your skin. I’ve been experimenting some soap, lotion and shampoo that is conducive to my skin and hair. I get dry skin during winter. During summer I get dust allergy but it’s all manageable. I tried different soap before but to no avail i couldn’t find the one that is right for my skin. So, i ordered online the soap that i comfortably used in the Philippines and this is what I am using right now. However, I am still looking for the right soap that i can use in both winter and summer. I’m want a sulfur soap that is enriched with minerals. My son used to have eczema, although i haven’t seen it this summer and last winter but that is now enough assurance that the eczema is totally gone. The ingredients found in sulfur soap can also relieves eczema and acne problem. Having a smooth skin is what most women love and would willing to try anything just to get the smooth and gentleness they want to have. What soap and beauty products do you use to maintain the smoothness of your skin?

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Couples Corner

My husband and I don’t have too many pictures of both of us. When we were in Cebu City, we went to a studio to take pictures that we can used to support the fiance visa. This is the second time that someone else took picture of us. Jake knows how to take pictures now but every time we asked him to take picture of us, he wouldn’t and rather take picture of his toys. Thanks to my sistah for taking picture of us.

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Our Car Mileage

I was glad that we able to go on vacation despite of the fact that we needed money to buy lots of things in the house. We just moved in to out own house and so many important things that needed to get done and accomplished. One thing that stopped at from buying furniture and appliances are the money. But with all this being said we still made it to Las Vegas. Thank you to my blogging money.

However, our car is a very old car. A 13 year old Mercury Sable car. Last year when my husband took it to repair shop for an inspection, he was advised not to run the car too much as it stayed in a certain mileage. Well, this is the reason right now that we cannot drive to lots of places that easy. This car has been around for 13 years but never in encountered any car problem at the middle of the road nor collision therefore, hubby doesn’t need auto body estimating software fr this car. But we are not closing our door because we are thinking of buying a car someday. This software would help us to provide accurate estimation of claims & collision. Car is the the most common mode of transportation used every where especially in America. So, it’s better to know information and knows what you should do.

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Mommy & Me Monday – Finally Spring has Sprung

We have been waiting this spring to kicked in but winter doesn’t want to leave yet. Last Thursday I was at Squirrel hill doing some little shopping. We stopped by at the playground even if it was a bit windy. The kids still had fun enjoying the fine weather.

I thought of the MMM so I asked Joe to take a picture of me and Justine. Jake was busy running around and I couldn’t stop him for picture break. Anyway, the husband took the picture and I was all smile. But then when I hit preview I did not see my face. He was focusing on Ms. Lamb chop only.

spring has sprung 027

Okay take two! I told him to include my pretty face in the photo because I need this for Mommy and Me Monday. I was glad he include me to good job.

spring has sprung 035

When we left the playground last Thursday, the buckaroo said, “Good bye playground, see you tomorrow.” But the nest day it was chilly again and we did not able to go out, so was Saturday.

Sunday, the weather was really good. We went to the playground and can’t even wait to play because as soon as we got there Jake exclaimed excitedly. The place was full of kids but more like little kids. The big kids was in the bigger playground of the park.

How was your weekend fellow mommies? I hope you had a wonderful one. Share your moments at….

Pink Friday – Swimsuit

bike shopping 001

It’s already Friday in the other part of the world, so it means Pink Friday post is now up. I won this swimsuit at Listia, a free auction site where you will win bid using your credit and win nice item like this for free. You don’t need to spend money to bid on the auction not unless you are so obsessed to win certain item that your credit not enough to bid. Well, check out guys and sign up if you are interested. US residents will sure benefits as they have lots of free shipping auction item however, international i think will pay for the shipping cost.

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Fancy Friday and Friend Finding Fridays #1

I received an email this morning inviting me to join the new bloghop meme Fancy Friday hosted by Melissa. I clicked on the link to get the button as I have decided to join this meme for this blog. I also want o meet other mommies all over the blogworld.

There are three rules:
1. If you are new, please follow me.
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3. Follow anyone back who follows you.
You can link to your blog or facebook page.
While I was at Mel Dreams Often blog, I read that she won the super blogger of the week over at Supermom’s meme: Friend Finding Fridays. If you want to get more follower and meet new bloggers or fellow mommy bloggers, then click on the badges and hop in!

Check out Friend Finding Fridays with Supermom


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6. The most important rule: HAVE FUN

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Pink Friday – Pink My Lips | Ms. Shoe Lover

Gimme kiss ba-bay… Come on don’t be shy hehehe. A different shade of pink from Revlon and of course it’s freebie through Listia. If some of you haven’t heard about Listia yet, then hit the link head on over to their site. It’s free auction site where you bid on items using credits. You’ll get credits by checking Listia everyday and sharing it to Facebook and Twitter.

justine13months 014

justine13months 036
My curly tops shoe lover. She love shoes and there’s never a day with her not holding her shoes or putting them on even if it’s not her shoes. In the picture, she was wearing her Dada’s slippers.
mixed phots and reunion 11 071